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Pictures of apartments [rooms, kitchen, bathroom,...]:

Kitchen - upper apartment  Living room - upper apartment  Bedroom - upper apartment
Bathroom - upper apartment  Bedrooms - upper apartment  Terrace - lower apartment

Picture of Lumbarda and apartment's neighbourhood:

Village Vela Glavica - Lumbarda  Neighbouring islands (1)  Neighbouring islands (2)
Apartments  Apartments and beach (left)
View from apartment to bay  Sandy beach
Beach "Beli žal" - 100m from apartment  Beach "Beli žal" - 100m from apartment  Coast close by apartment - cca 30m
Beach "Pržina" - 400m from apartment  Beach "Pržina" - 400m from apartment  Olive tree

Additional fun (fishing, home vine):

6:00 AM - fishing (1)  6:00 AM - fishing (2)  Our barge
Barge and net (right)  Barge and net
Our barge  Fishing (1)  Fishing (2)
Fish cleaning (1)  Fish cleaning (2)  Fish cleaning (3)
Octopus  Scorpaena  Cask

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