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Tourist tax is included in the above calculated prices. The price of tourist tax per person is 7,00 HRK in June, July, August and September. The price for children from 12 to 18 yrs old is 3,5 HRK, while children younger than 12 are exempt from paying any tourist tax. Source: infos.hok.hr

  No. of adults / juveniles  Low season [01.06 - 30.06 in 01.09 - 30.09]  Heigh season [01.07 - 31.08] 
 Upper apartment[3+2] up to 3 adults 50 Eur60 Eur
 4 adults60 Eur70 Eur
 5 adults70 Eur80 Eur
 Downstairs apartment [4+2] up to 4 adults65 Eur80 Eur
 5 adults75 Eur90 Eur
 6 adults85 Eur100 Eur

Booked timetable of apartments for summer 2019:

Upper apartment (5 persons) Downstairs apartment (6 persons)
      Jun (VI) July (VII) August (VIII) September (IX) Jun (VI) July (VII) August (VIII) September (IX)

Legend:   x = reserved
x = reserved and confirmed
  = not availabl
________ = Sunday